Breaking news | Pakistan killed its terrorist Hafiz Saeed

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breaking news Pakistan killed its terrorist Hafiz Saeed 2

Breaking news | Pakistan killed its terrorist Hafiz Saeed

Why is there an atmosphere of war in India and Pakistan these days, and only Pakistani news mention Modi and not Imran Khan. There is Narendra Modi all around, yes PM Narendra Modi lives in Pakistani media. Ever since Modi joined Howdy, Pakistan started saying this because of Modi’s fear.
Breaking News Pakistan kills its Terrorist Hafiz Saeed

Hello friends, yes, only the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, has become the reason for live debate in Pakistani news.

Because ever since pm modi America has joined the howdy modi program, the senses of pakistan have flown.

PM Narendra Modi Pakistan News Live

More than 50,000 people participated in the Howdy Modi program, in which the special guest was President Trump of America. Howdy Modi has been discussed in the whole world. There were more than 10,000 people who could not get tickets to participate in this program. There was no program in America so big that there was so much crowd gathered for the Prime Minister of another country.

breaking news Pakistan killed its terrorist Hafiz Saeed

President Trump participated extensively in this program. Pakistan has been disturbed due to the mutual relationship between the two countries. Pakistan is pleading for a loan from the UN but is unable to get a loan due to which even Hafiz Saeed, who is living in his shadow, is not getting the loan to increase his terror. Because of this, Pakistanis and the terrorists inside it are also facing a lot of problem with India and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Because of which Modi is discussed all around in Pakistani media.

The restlessness of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan is so much that he is speaking anything. According to the latest news, Imran Khan has said about Pakistan terrorist Hafiz Saeed at the United Nations meeting that he is hungry, sick and completely naked. If this continues, Pakistan will also prove Hafiz Saeed dead. Like before Pakistan lied that Hafiz Saeed has been sent to jail. And will speak in UN.

Breaking news | Pakistan killed its terrorist Hafiz Saeed

Made by Pakistan. The attack of Balakot is neither obeying the assembly of un Imran Khan and Pakistan. And the whole world is not paying any attention to this.

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