Coating on screen printing | The print on the silkscreen

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Coating on screen printing process jerrymouseprint

What you know before the print on silkscreen, the coating is done which is also called screen coating as it is a process of screen printing.

Let us know how this process is done in very easy and simple words which are easy to understand.

The coating on screen printing | The print on the silkscreen

Three types of coating are available in the market
1. Sona coat

Coating on screen printing |The print on silk screen

2. Super coat

The print on silk screen super coat

3. Emulsion

The print on silk screen Emulsion

The sensitizer is mixed in sona coat and super coat. Not mixing the sensitizer in the coat does not make the coating film so it is necessary to mix the sensitizer in the sona coat and super coat but nothing has to be added to the emulsion. Can be mounted on a direct screen printing frame.

What is its process?

  1. Wash the screen printing frame thoroughly, clean it or dry it well. After drying the screen printing frame, do the process of coating it in the dim light in the darkroom.
  2. First, draw a solution line of mix coating on the frame towards the bottom, then with the help of scale or foot, pull the coating upwards from the bottom. Do this process several times until the coating on the frame is fully applied.
  3. When the screen printing frame is coated on one side, we do the same procedure on the other plain of the frame; we mimic the extra coating and see that the coating on the frame is evenly applied.
  4. After applying to coat on the frame, do not let the light fall on the frame, let the frame dry in a dark place for two to three hours.

What precautions should be taken?

  1. If the frame is not well cleaned, the coating will not coat well on the frame and the dust can also cause the frame to burst.
  2. Coating evenly on both sides of the coating frame.
  3. If your coated frame does not dry properly then you will not be able to open the film as the coating will remain raw and the coating will drop by adding water.

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Watch this video to see the process of coating on a screen printing frame.

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