Custom T-Shirt Printing | Screen Printing in Varanasi Start Rs.169

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Where can I get multicolor T-shirt printing done in Varanasi?

We are home to the largest number of custom t-shirts in Varanasi where our users can experience the best of fashion and also browse customized gifts from our finest collection. Our Youth Fashion Forward is a fast-fashion brand for youth interested in style. The products are formally ready along the road.

Our T-shirt printing shop in Varanasi offers products on the type of design, printing color and print format specified by our customers. If you are looking for a T-shirt in Varanasi, Jerimuseprint is the one-stop solution that offers the best quality T-shirts and hoodies at the lowest prices. We only provide you the best value for your money and our products. Get wholesale custom t-shirts for your school, college, group, event, and organization or whatever use, send your requirements to us at @ 8287480251 and be a part of our family.

Our entire team is passionate about this type of printing which is perfect for the last 6 years. We use screen printing, vinyl printing, and sublimation printing to print high-quality custom T-shirts. For higher levels of performance, we use sublimation printing that efficiently works with no additional layers on the fabric, including photos. Standard delivery time is 2-4 workdays.

Are going to start a custom T-shirt printing shop in Varanasi to promote their business or their customers. At JerimousePrint, we already have more than a thousand T-shirt designs and that too with great variety.

Which T-shirt should I go to print?

The best way to decide is the material you are looking for and also the type of decoration process. We do sublimation printing in Varanasi which gives a very high saturation color which requires 100% polyester shirt. Screen printing is a method that is used for great screen printing results at affordable rates.

What is the minimum quantity for an order?

You can print from 25 to 1000 or more, we don’t mind.

How long does it take to print my t-shirt?

The average time is from 3 workdays to 1 week, but usually, everything we do is time-based. Also, if you need your t-shirt in a hurry, let us know and we can prepare it for you.

Do you print on some other articles as well?

For sure, we do Poster printing, Baby posters, quote t-shirts, funny t-shirts and specialize in mug printing.

There is a hole in my t-shirt. Can I change it

Yes, for terms and conditions, you can click on Returns and Refunds.

Is it machine-washable?

Yes, it is and you can give washing tips: hand wash (lightly), do not bleach, do not rinse the clothes, do not brush, wash the machine delicately and do not iron even on the print. The fabric we use is natural making it 30% even stronger.

Can I mail my T-shirt design to you?

Yes, for your convenience you can send us the design at [email protected]

How can I determine my T-shirt size?

Choosing the right T-shirt size is always a mess between too many options. The main aspects are the quality, fitting, size, and color of the fabric.

Men’s Classic T-Shirts

Sizes     Width(IN)           Length (IN)

S             18          28

M           20          29

L             22          30

XL          24          31

2XL        26          32

3XL        28          33

4XL        30          34

5XL        32          35

Women’s Classic T-Shirts

Sizes     Width (IN)          Length (IN)

S             17.25    25.5

M           19.25    26

L             21.25    27

XL          23.25    28

2XL        25.25    28.5

3XL        27.25    29

What type of fabric do you use for printing T-shirts?

We use 100% cotton fabric and white T-shirts in poly-cotton or polyester materials which are highly durable. Cotton clothes are breathable and can transmit moisture to the skin more comfortably. In this extreme heat of India, cotton T-shirts are best made by providing thermal insulation and allowing more air ahead. Cotton hypo is allergic and rarely causes skin allergies.

What color can I choose for T-shirt printing?

We can print on any color and we mean it. Our team did not upload many samples to the website due to capacity.

Will a dark-colored cloth leave the cloth after one wash?

We hope that this is usually what we will not wash the material just to make sure.