How to download new movies from Torrent

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New Movies from Torrent

How to download new movies from Torrent

What is Torrent?

Torrent is a method of distributing data without relying on a single server.

this is to make it harder for a downloadable file to become inaccessible and allows people to download a file with a speed higher than that of the original up loader’s server without putting excessive strain on the up loader’s server or its internet connection.

it all starts with a torrent file: this is a file containing a unique identifying code for a file or list of files, as well as a list of trackers.

How does it work?

This file is loaded into a torrent downloader such as deluge or uTorrent, which then announces to all computers it knows with a torrent downloader as well as the tracker server that it needs a file or set of files belonging to the hash.

The trackers (and the known torrent downloaders) will share a list of peers(seeders and leechers), other people who have at least part of the requested files.

seeders are people with the entire files and who share the files, the first person to share a file immediately becomes a seeder.

Leechers are people who haven’t completed the download yet, they will share the parts that they have and will become seeders once they complete their download. When the torrent downloader has received a list of peers it will contact a few individual peers and starts requesting parts of the files, and begins downloading.

Right after receiving the first part of a file, the downloader will also start sharing it with other leechers who haven’t received that part yet. Once the download is complete, the downloader becomes a seeder for that torrent.

New Movies from Torrent

How to download new movies from Torrent

How do I download torrent in India?

The torrent sites are blocked in India so you will have to use a proxy to enjoy downloading torrents

There are few proxy software’s available for pc and for mobile.

First of all, there is a software named Psiphon which is available to download for free.

1.You can just download it and install it on your Pc

2.After that you just launch it by its icon and then you can click on connect and you can enjoy the torrent sites.

3.There is an alternate option which I prefer using is installing an extension in chrome browser.

The name of the extension is Browsec.

4.In Google Chrome just go to settings and then go to extensions.

5.After that click on add more extensions.

6. Chrome web store will appear and then you can search for browsec and then whenever you want to download a torrent file you can click on to connect and can access any site.

Note :- always keeping the proxy connect for unblocked sites  reduces the speed of the internet connection.

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