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Stephen Shankland/CNET To be honest, we get a lot of mileage out of gross old tennis balls that Molly finds in the gutter, but the ChuckIt Ultra Balls do much better at withstanding her efforts to rip them to shreds. We don’t have much information about He’s past relationship and any previous engaged. Pt.ted States? When was Cashis first recorded in the United States? Demrick was also featured on B-Real’s first solo debut album, Smoke N Mirrors (2009), making appearances on 5 of the 15 songs, including the single “Don’t Ya Dare Laugh”. You’ll also find entire mixes (“The Feed”) based on an artist’s SoundCloud activity – the tracks they like, follow, or repost – starting with sad rap breakout, Juice WRLD, whose debut LP is currently sitting atop the Billboard 200 albums chart for the second week in a row. That’s because both recording artists are getting Blu-ray releases this week.

Going to an independent shop means you have to be more careful in trying to evaluate the quality – it could be better or worse. Going to Starbucks (what you are used to) reduces worry over making a choice. Interestingly Samuelson, W., & Zeckhauser (1988) found a preference for the status quo was greater with more choices. This suggests that with more choices the cost of making decisions rises, making the status quo more attractive. People may simply not want the hassle of changing. If we experience something every day, we develop an attachment to the good. An aspect of human nature is loyalty. If we support one sports team, we have a reluctance to change. We keep supporting through good times and bad times. Loyalty is seen as good quality. Changing can indicate a lack of reliability. Is status quo bias rational or irrational? If we stick with current choices to avoid the costs of making decisions, then it can be seen as a rational choice as we save calculation costs. However, if we refuse to consider alternatives on the basis we only want to stay with what we have then it becomes more irrational. Kahneman, D.; Knetsch, J. L.; Thaler, R. H. (1991). “Anomalies: The Endowment Effect, Loss Aversion, and Status Quo Bias”. Journal of Economic Perspectives. 5 (1): 193-206. doi:10.1257/jep.5.1.193. Samuelson, W., & Zeckhauser, R. J. (1988). “Status quo bias in decision making”.

A huge Aquostic show in Hyde Park took place later in the summer, featuring the full 16-piece Aquostic band. Rick Parfitt’s health problems continued, however, and following a very serious incident after a concert in Turkey in 2016, he took time off to recover. Tragically, he passed away on Christmas Eve of 2016. Rossi and co. had taken time off as well, but continued to tour before Parfitt’s death, taking their show across Europe and ending with a sold-out concert at London’s O2 Arena. In mid-2017, the group released a recording of that concert called The Last Night of the Electrics. With Richie Malone stepping into Parfitt’s shoes as full-time rhythm guitarist — after standing in for him when he was ill — the group went on, and at the end of 2018 started to record their 33rd album and their first not to feature Parfitt. Recorded at Rossi’s own studios, Backbone was issued in the September of 2019, while the band headed out on tour in support of Lynyrd Skynyrd on the U.K. Founding bassist Alan Lancaster died on September 26, 2021 at the age of 72 due to complications related to multiple sclerosis.

In its 9th year, the ATL Hip Hop Day Festival has been a welcome gathering to celebrate hip-hop and trap music with the hungry artists who will soon flood your social media feeds. The free (yes, free) festival at Woodruff Park features a full lineup of young talent, DJ sets and maybe a few surprise guests. This is the trap, this ain’t no album; it’s actually the Trap Music Museum. The Westside ode to the musical genre born in the ATL is the brainchild of the inimitable T.I. Featuring a trap-centric escape room, 2Chainz’s 1978 Chevy Impala from the famed Pink Trap House and vignettes of a corner store, grandma’s plastic-covered living room and a jail cell, the insightful museum also brings out the celebs for intimate concerts, album release parties and a weekly “Trappy Hour” featuring drinks and DJ sets. Chris Watkins is an Atlanta-based writer and photographer and serves as the voice of Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau (@DiscoverAtlanta) on social media. You can follow him on Instagram @christopherbw.

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