How and why do search google search and google site search

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Why do we search anything in google search? Anything can be Google image search, search google search or google site search, whatever search google immediately results in front of you sometimes you have thought Google so much Know how to do And what we need for this is whether we get some benefit from it or not, friends have a lot of questions but their answer is just google search.

You might be wondering how.

So let us understand the basic from today. A child is born in our house. We immediately begin to search for Google. Which hospital is okay? Whether it has all the facilities or not, All the products of the food are used for eating food, sleeping, lifting, sitting, walking, all a to z things so that they can not make any problems. In this way, the child’s first search puts the foundation stone of google search.

The child is a little bigger to start play school, then the school and college child starts to understand a little bit of the world, and then starts searching Google itself.

How and why do search google search and google site search

He continues the search to make his life, we start searching for his wedding. At any point, we do not stop our search. This means we are doing our entire life search

We do not even know what we searched in the search google search and what benefit we got from it Sometimes we do a Google image search, sometimes we do google search or google site search, the way we ask for some reason we continuously do our search

Do we give Google something that google helps so much in our search

Friends, it’s a bit difficult to explain, but I try. Understand by example.

There is a very large transformer, continuously works to give electricity to the entire city, so that your life is lighted, in return, we pay a bit to keep it right, but not everyone pays. He does pay the same amount of power separately from the transformer, which means he wants to take more facilities than the other facilities.

Today, the Google search engine is used in one-quarter of the world, Google updates our search engine periodically so that we can get a good search result.

Google can search for anything in Search is very easy Google search has many mediums.

Google makes our routine very easy. We can find happiness in a few seconds. In this, we can search for some maps, news, images, books, videos, etc.

We keep on using it for a variety of reasons, such as

Google lets us use these features in free, but we can earn from anything. So it is very easy to use Google just go to and typing or speaking from the mouth and searching for it is your choice and the result will be in front of you. You can search google only on google if you want to.

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