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New Movies Blank

Blank Movies

Know about New Movies Blank ……
The film starts off with a young man getting hit by a car. He’s brought to a hospital where the doctors discover a bomb strapped to his bare chest. The bomb is running on biorhythm and forcibly shutting it off might result in a detonation. ATS chief Dewan (Sunny Deol) wants to interrogate him but finds out that the youngster, identified as Hanif (Karan Kapadia), is suffering from memory loss as the result of the accident. He’s ordered to execute the guy but before that can be done, his team learns that killing him would trigger 24 more bombs as the device strapped to him is also a remote trigger. At that juncture, a team of terrorists successfully rescue Hanif. How the ATS finds the bombs and defeats the terrorists forms the crux of the film…

New Movies Blank Interesting Premise

The film has got an interesting premise but falters in the execution. The treatment is way over the top and melodramatic. An across the border Maulvi is shown spouting so much Persian infested Urdu that his bombastic lines soon become unintentionally funny. There is an unnecessary sidetrack involving Dewan and his drug addict son that is”t fleshed out properly. The writing is all over the place and as a result, the plot carries too many loopholes. What could have been a straightforward actioner involving a cat and mouse narrative between a terrorist and a hardened cop develops into a jumbled mess at the end of it all?

New Movies Blank 2

The Film Blank

The film Blank falters on the technical front as well. Be its production design, editing or cinematography, everything leaves much to be desired. The sound design is unnecessarily loud. The only redeeming aspect is the action. The hand-to-hand combat sequences, reminiscent of the Korean hit Old Boy (2003) or the gun battle sequence towards the end are choreographed well. The good thing is that Sunny Deol has still got it. Thankfully, he is”t is shown as someone whose dhai kilo Ka haath sends the villains flying ten feet in the air. Instead, he”s a dedicated cop willing to put his life on the line. And he still looks good with a gun in his hand. Newcomer Karan Kapadia is good in action scenes but needs to tune up his emotive abilities pronto. 

Summing up, given its premise, the film had the potential to be an edge-of-the-seat thriller, if only the writing and execution could have been better.


Sunny Deol
Karan Kapadia
Karanvir Sharma
Ishita Dutta
Rashika Pradhan

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