Screen Printing

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Screen Printing

jerrymousprint has a mixed family of offset, digital and screen printing. An essential member of this family is printing. Printing is incomplete without screen printing in the world of printing. So screen printing is important for the business of your screen, what is screen printing and how to get it.


For screen printing, first we make a wooden frame that is larger than the size of the design. Then on the frame we offer silk cloth, by tightly clinging to that cloth you can stapler or paste, after which we do coatings. Remember that the screen printing should not light on the screen while printing coating, Exposure will not be there.

After coating, keep the frame dry to dry when your coating is comfortable, then we choose the design. Design is what you give us or make. Then we look at the design that the design will come out on which size Then we remove the design print.

After that we expose the frame we have made. There is a time to expose, by which time we set, we expose the frame. You can set the time according to your coating. After the exposure, wash the frame but by looking at it, your frame will not be deformed.

Then after washing the frame, keep the frame dry to dry. After the frame has become comfortable, the frame has not been coating on the floor, the four-side brown tape of the frame so that the color fell only on the printed place and the color fell out.

After that you do screen printing on the sheet by putting the sheet below the frame. Use this cookie for screen printing. You take a little shorter from the icing frame.

Screen printing is done by many colors like
1 Color
2 Color
3 Color
4 Multi Color

On many things. Such as T-shirts, pens, key chains, Mugs and many more.

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