The New General Of Shady Records “Cashis”

Cashis: What up world. I’m the dude that’s been keeping our label active in the streets these past few years. The Re -Up, The County Hound and several mixtapes. U should b remembering me now… And we all know, I represent Shady! 24 -Tell me a bit about how the situation with Shady Records came happen? Cashis: I got signed in 07, off of a demo recording getting into the hands of the best A&R, and ending up in the hands off the greatest rapper in history. Who loved my material. From then on, Everything has been Shady. Cashis: Yes. I have a few final versions of the project. 24 -Who have you had the pleasure of working with for your album as far as Producers and Artist’s goes? Cashis: Fammo, I wish I could tell u. There is sworn secrecy code in our camp. This project is timeless, and the bosses don’t want a clue of what’s about to happen to hit the streets yet, so I gotta keep u in suspense on that 1 G. But just know, that it is a timeless CD. 24-Is there a single already in the works? 24 -What have you learned from working with Eminem and Shady Records? Cashis: To be the best, at all times. 24-What do you feel separates you from other Artist? Cashis: My life, lifestyle and my natural ability to create emotion, from spoken words. That’s what can’t be taken away. 24 -Besides music is there any other projects you are involved in as far as your own label a clothing line a soft drink etc? 24: Before we check out let the world know where they can check out more of your music and stay on top of everything CASHIS… Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. BOSSY | JASMIN CADAVID FEAT. Introduce yourself. Who are you? Where are you from? What is your background / nationality?

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson agreed Wednesday they will not tolerate any attempt to alter the status quo in Ukraine by force amid concerns that Russia may invade its neighbor. The two leaders underscored their support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, Kishida told journalists after phone talks with Johnson. They also affirmed coordination on efforts to deescalate tensions over Ukraine, Kishida said. TAKE A QUICK SURVEY. WIN AN AMAZON GIFT CARD! If you think you’re experiencing a human rights issue, talk to us – in your language. So Crimea stays with Russia then? So why is the British military training neo-Nazi Banderistas in the Ukrainian National Guard? Prime-minister Kishida , mind your own business. Feb. The Russians supported the reunification of East. West Germany with NATO conditions. NATO should respect that. Japan never fails to provide token gestures. Does that mean they are against Ukraine joining NATO? Japanese politicians sure loves their empty words.

And tried.. Tried. And tried. And after four decades of trying, Joe Biden has gone from wavering uncertainty on the issue of abortion to full-throated advocacy for abortion as a fundamental human right. One wonders if the Holy Father knows this. Does he know that the model of engagement he advocates has been the pastoral status quo (with few exceptions) for more than 40 years, and that Biden (and others) have used that interminable dialogue as a pretense for using their Catholic faith as political cover for promoting abortion. The freshness of that dialogue turned rancid long ago. Any pastor with an ounce of goodwill should look for common ground where it can be found. Every pastor with any sense knows that persuasion without trust is nearly impossible. But how much damage must be done to bodies and souls, how much division must be sown in the Church, before a pastor realizes his goodwill and trust are being abused? Who does it help to continue down this path for decade after decade of quickening failure?

After doing the jobs of teacher, coach, and cafeteria monitor for more than a year, many parents resented being told to sit down and shut up. With those words, once and aspiring Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe set off a bout of culture warfare that culminated with his Republican rival, political neophyte Glenn Youngkin, taking the executive mansion. When the race began, parents were already spitting mad-the worst kind of mad to be in a respiratory virus pandemic. Virginia had the seventh most closed K-12 system during the 2020-21 school year, joining California, Oregon, and other blue states in offering minimal in-person instruction during COVID-19. Virginia’s public schools stayed closed even after it became clear that the risks to school-aged children from the virus were relatively limited; even after the vaccine was made available to teachers. Administrators; even after private schools in the state reopened without major incident; even after public schools in redder neighboring states successfully welcomed children back. While kids sat at home, day after day, chaotic classes tinnily echoing on Microsoft Teams, parents got an earful of what their children actually do at school.